Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Have You Been Skiing?

If you have never done it, you must try it at least once. But be warned, it can be extremely addictive.

If you say that you can't do it or that you are too old, let me tell you that you will have as much (or more) fun learning than the seasoned experts have speeding past you.

I visited Pamporovo on my third ski-ing holiday. I had previously been to Italy and one of the top resorts in France. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the teaching methods in Bulgaria were much better than the methods I had previously encountered. Also, and this is a very big plus, on the third day of the holiday other members in the group who had not previously been ski-ing found themselves ski-ing down from the very top of the mountain. Something I could only dream about on my previous holidays. Generally, the holiday was excellent, the hotels were very good, I stayed in the Perelik Hotel which is joined to the Mourgavetz Hotel by underground walkway, the hotels boast seven bars, cafe, swimming pool (with green water) and plenty of shops. Entertainment is put on nightly and there is a bowling alley. The food is not the best, but you help yourself from a fairly large selection of choices so you can usually find something that you like.
The snow record in Bulgaria is not as good as some and because of this the season tends to be shorter than most, there is not really enough challenge on the slopes for anyone better than 'intermediate', although there are one or two challenging runs.
All this is reflected in the price, which is relatively cheap.
Your food is usually in with the package and you will pay similar prices to home for your drinks.
The ski instructors are top class and very friendly.
I would definitely recommend this holiday for beginners of any age group.

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