Monday, 19 February 2007

Rhodes, Greece

When you have quit smoking and saved enough money for your first trip I would definitely recommend Rhodes. I have been several times and always enjoy my time there. It is only a relatively small island but caters for all kinds of holidays, whichever you prefer.
The beauty of Rhodes is that there is something for everyone, from watersports in some of the clearest water I have seen , to walking or hiking in outstanding countryside, to sunbathing in almost guaranteed beautiful weather, to just doing what comes naturally in the bars and nightclubs on the island.
I have stood on a mountain and been able to see most of Rhodes, I have stood on the southern tip of the island and watched the sun go down creating, what can only be described as breath-taking views, I have crawled through a tunnel to see some of the rarer species in the Butterfly gardens, I have stood on a cliff and watched countless million of Tunafish dancing in the late afternoon sun. All this and a lot more.

Rhodes Town is a typically bustling Mediterranean capital surrounding the ‘Old Town’ which is an amazing mixture of Ancient buildings and earthworks, Street market and Carnival. The ‘Old Town’ stands adjacent to the harbour which usually has some of the largest and most expensive yachts in the Med ‘tied up’ there. The food, all over Rhodes, is excellent and reasonably priced. From the Restaurant to the Taverna on the beach or in the centre of a small village that you’ve just found by accident.
Starting down the east coast, one of the first major resorts you come to will be Faliraki, this should be avoided unless you are ’Young, Free and Single’ or like to pretend you are for a night, or two. Be aware this place doesn’t open ’til 2 in the afternoon, but then on the other hand it doesn’t close until 8 in the morning. If you like a quiet beach this could be the place because just about everyone on it before 2 p.m. is fast asleep. After 2 o'clock you had better make way for Bungee Jumping and the like.
Further down the coast there are plenty of quieter resorts until you reach ’Ooooh ! Point’ this is the point on the road where you first catch sight of Lindos, called ‘Ooooh ! Point’ because you can not help this exclamation at the wonderful sight in front of you. Lindos is pretty much unique, built around a natural bay, surmounted by the Acropolis , all the houses etc. either stone or painted white, fronted by two beaches with another bay (St. Paul’s) and beach, behind. The village is pedestrianised with the only mode of transport the ’Lindos Taxi’ (Donkey) , there are many bars and roofgarden restaurants and plenty of shops. All in all a very special place. However if you wished to stay here it will involve a lot of walking up and down hills, some quite steep.
Further south still you have a few other villages including Pefkos which tend to be quiet but are within easy taxi (or even walking) distance of Lindos if you fancy a night out.
The taxi service is good and easily accessible and also the bus service which runs north to south of the island.
The weather on Rhodes is very hot during July and August, especially Lindos and many people travel in September because of this.

From the moment they open the doors of the aircraft and you get your very first scent of the island , you could very well be hooked....................I was !!!

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